Griddly supports versions of python 3.6+.


some features of OpenAI gym do not work with python 3.8 (using pygame for playing gym environments for example)

On most platforms Griddly can be easily installed using:

pip install griddly

Virtual environments such as conda are highly recommended to make sure the dependencies of projects using Griddly do not interfere with your other projects.

To create a conda environment with Griddly installed:

conda create --name griddly python=3.7
conda activate griddly
pip install griddly


Griddly uses Vulkan to render environments. Most modern hardware will support vulkan and the required libraries should be pre-installed on your system.

If you are using docker, you can find images with vulkan pre-installed which may be helpful.

Other Languages

There is no support currently for languages other than python. A java version may be supported in the future.