Playing Griddly Games

In this short tutorial you will learn how to load a GDY file, convert it to an OpenAI Gym interface and then use the OpenAI Gym interface to play the game with the w,a,s,d keys on your keyboard.

Step 1 - Imports

To play games with the keyboard using the gym interface, the play function can be used to wrap a gym environment

The only griddly import thats required is the GymWrapperFactory, this is used to create gym wrappers for any Griddly environments

import gym
from import play

from griddly import GymWrapperFactory

Step 2 - Load the GDY

the build_gym_from_yaml builds the Griddly environment from the GDY file and loads a particular level.

This can then be loaded by OpenAI gym’s make command. The name of the environment will be GDY-[your environment name]-v0. In this case the environment name will be GDY-Sokoban-v0

# This is what to use if you want to use OpenAI gym environments
wrapper = GymWrapperFactory()

wrapper.build_gym_from_yaml('SokobanTutorial', 'sokoban.yaml', level=0)

Step 3 - Play

All thats left is to play the game!

# Create the Environment
env = gym.make(f'GDY-SokobanTutorial-v0')

# Play the game
play(env, fps=10, zoom=2)